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At Metal & Iron Artistry, LLC custom design and fabrication is our specialty and one of the biggest reasons we are sought out. The use of traditional blacksmith techniques coupled with Primo’s passion and expertise for the elements is why Metal & Iron Artistry, LLC can offer you custom iron work.

Ordering prefabricated designs is an option but many of our clients tend to favor custom iron work because they like that their design choices are not limited to a catalog and that they can have a finished item that is made to their unique and precise specifications.

We can work from your design or ours and whether your sense of style calls for traditional, contemporary, or artful the choices are unlimited and can be simple or simply elegant. The choice is yours and you can rest assured that it will be made of quality materials that will ensure everlasting strength and beauty.

Custom work requires a great deal of skill, labor, and time. The final cost of any project is based on these factors as well as materials, final finish, installation and the overall detail of the work. When you contact us for your free estimate, Primo will meet with you to thoroughly discuss your needs and ideas and even share a few of his own. During this time he will note pertinent information regarding your project and will take the necessary dimensions needed to return an estimate to you.

When you’re ready give Primo a call at 509-930-7202.

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